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Pre-designed materials


Our pre designed documents allow you to amend documents that have already been designed, to suit your requirements. This means that documents become less expensive and more accessible to lower budgets.

Ways to prevent Falls


A practical guide on simple steps that older people and the infirm can take to reduce the risk of falls in the home. Printed in a format that the elderly can easily view with larger print.



20 page A4 booklet


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Bladder and Bowel conditions can affect anyone


A booklet about bladder and bowel conditions that aims to help people understand what is normal and how to help keep their bladder and bowel healthy.


Enable them to identify and manage their bladder or bowel problems and also to understand when they may need to seek help or advice


The leaflet also explains where they can go for help, advice, to discuss treatment options or just to talk.



28 page 1/3rd A4 leaflet


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When should I call the doctor? Booklet


An information leaflet for patients on if and when they need to call a doctor and when ailments can be dealt with at home. This leaflet include advice on a wide range of illnesses and what you can do to help with the symptoms.



24 page 1/3rd A4 booklet


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